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A tool for quick and effortless design of primers for restriction digestion cloning of DNA into plasmids carrying N- and C-terminal tags. 

Upload your plasmid sequence. Upload the insert. Pick cloning sites. Done!

Let your computer turn thirty minutes of your work into under a minute.

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September 2021

PrimersDoneQuick v1.0

First standalone build of PrimersDoneQuick is ready to be published. Test time for designing primers to insert hCAPN2 gene into multiple cloning site of the pET16b vector -

<45 seconds. To find user instructions and a download link, click here.

August 2021


By late August 2021, I have finished coding most of the main capabilities of the program. The scope became clear: visualization of DNA sequences, endonuclease cutting sites, translation of insert DNA flanked by plasmid START and STOP codons, and finally, production of ready-to-use primer sequences. At this point, the features were only accessible in the dev environment. Small standalone builds were possible, but not yet functional.


August 2021

Unnamed Project. version 0.1

After months of after-hours learning to program, I have finally set out to create my first stand-alone application.

Thinking of my own work and work of those like me, I decided to create a tool to design primers - a simple task for a molecular biologist, but one that takes time and absolute concentration, since a single letter typo could cost you weeks of wasted time.

November 2020

My introduction to Unity

This project arose from my newly-found interest in the creation of computer tools for biological research. Inspired by the creators of GROMACS, I set out to learn intricacies of C# and Unity Engine. If GROMACS could be written from scratch, then so could anything.

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